What would you like to learn?

More info about workshops will become available over the summer. Last year we had a one day workshop on organic fertilizer taught by Jacob Laramour, an organic farmer from Texas. This year we hope to host the same teacher, as well as add a workshop on compost making, cob pizza-oven building, as well as an urban workshop on fermentation (students get to go home with pickles and a kombucha "mother"). This will be taught by our very own kombucha master Dana Mowat, who's hibiscus kombucha is the tastiest in the land.

Photo by Applestar

Planting and weeding Parties

While the adults toil away, diligently planting new vegetables, the children romp through the carefully formed beds. There is nothing more satisfying than planting out tiny seedlings and returning 6 weeks later to enjoy their fruits. To that end we will hold both an early season planting and a late season harvesting party.

Ginko leaves ready to be made into tinctures

medicine Making

Native herbalist Lori Snyder shows us how to prepare homemade first nations tinctures, teas and slaves from local herbs picked on the land.


Learn the ins and outs of composting!