We have been working low-lying rich black earth out on River Road in Richmond for three years. We have taken a swamp completely overrun with blackberries and converted it to a productive market garden that provides fresh high-quality food to restaurants and families.


Our Mission

We want grow beautiful food, sustainable. We want to bring fresh food directly to consumers as a healthy local alternative to industrial agriculture. We want to be part of an innovative food movement that connects farmers to consumers through "Community Supported Agriculture" or CSA.

Increasingly people want to know their farmers. Who grew their food and how has become important. They care about the effect industrial agriculture has on the health of our bodies and our eco-systems and want to put their money behind a healthful option. At PLOTS we want to fill this need for an alternative; a direct farm-to-table system that supports local farmers as well as birds and fish and bees.

Our “Indian Summer” boxes last September were so beautiful: full of tomatoes that tasted like tomatoes and butternut squash that were creamy and delicious. I made two perfect pie from those squash.
— Alex from Green Room Yoga

What We hope to Achieve

  • Market fresh vegetables at farmer's markets
  • provide food for 20 CSA boxes, either to be delivered or picked up from convenient location.
  • provide food for various festivals on the coast (Blessed Coast, yoga retreats).
  • provide nutritious food for various yoga retreats through the summer.
  • continue providing to local restaurants top quality greens and tomatoes, as needed.
  • Have fun! Host fire circles, host "weed and feed" parties where people come weed for 2 hours and then eat a meal picked fresh from the plots. Host music events on the farm.
  • Connect with other farmers.
  • Bring kids out to help them really understand where their food comes from and what it takes to grow one zucchini.
  • Get people's hands in the earth!
  • EDUCATE: Teach workshops on organic fertilizer, different composting techniques, engage in various building projects.
  • INSPIRE people to grow their own food, either with us out at PLOTS or in their own back yard.